L11 - Unity in Worship

19 Oct 2018

The term worship is frequently used to describe singing together in Christian services. I have even heard the terms “Praise and Worship” defined as loud, enthusiastic singing and reflective, devotional singing. But worship Is not merely singing, whether loud or reflective. Nor is it just praying, reading scripture or putting money in the offering bag. These activities are diverse and perhaps partial expressions of worship. But while helpful and important they are not enough in themselves. The prophet Isaiah indicated that participating in weekly worship activities without obedience was not worship at all. This is because worship, at its very centre, is not an activity, but an attitude of the heart. It si a response to the majesty and holiness of God, and to the way God’s mercy and grace has intersected with our live. It gives God the glory and honour that God alone deserves. Worship is therefore not something that occurs just once a week. It is not even a set of ritual activities, which can easily be judged as pleasing or displeasing to God! True worship occurs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is a lifestyle which gives God priority in our lives and decision making as we submit to God’s Lordship.
Worship does not seek to pressure God - to change God’s mind about us. Rather worship flows from the reality that God loves us in spite of our sinful state; and from the knowledge that God loved us first.
Expressing worshipping together in heart and action can be a powerful tool in the creation of unity. Such worship draws us to focus on the centre of our faith instead of the things that divide us. It draws us away from selfishness and strengthens the bond which ties us together. It helps us understand the nature and character of the God we serve. As we increasingly respond to God’s Lordship in our lives, we are also more likely to act in humility towards our brothers and sisters in Christ, recognizing them as precious in God’s sight.
As you think about your own life, would you describe your lifestyle as one of worship?
Spend some time exploring about how your whole life can better express true worship.