L13 - Final Restoration of Unity

16 Oct 2018

Anyone who has experienced hardship or the death of a loved one will understand the importance of hope. Hope is like a flash of light which brightens our surroundings and provides perspective on our situation. Hope offers a glimpse of something more than our current condition. It leaves an imprint of a bigger picture in our memory and plants a seed of expectation which brings new life into our current existence.
As Christians our hope is one founded on the word of the risen Christ. Unlike hope based on human promises, our hope is certain. We can be confident that what God has promised will happen because God has a track record of fulfilling his promises.
The content of those promises are almost unimaginable. Jesus himself will come to claim his people who will live in his presence for eternity. We will live on an earth which will be recreated so that the marks of sin are totally erased. Sickness and death will no longer exist. God, his people and all of creation will once again live in perfect harmony.
Our human story began in a world which expressed God’s heart of love, and his desire for oneness. But sin changed everything. The harmony was lost, relationships were broken, and death reigned. The faithfulness of God means that this is not the final story. We can look forward to a new beginning where God’s heart of love is able to be fully manifested once again. Until then we are called to live in hope, waiting for this time when our oneness in Christ will be fully realized.
Is this your hope? Join me today in reaffirming your trust in the promises of God, then thank God for his love and grace that made this future possible.